Great Escape: Let's Go to the Movies

Vintage Old Town treasure can bring back movie night romance

Remember back in the day when date night meant dinner and a movie? It was probably the first type of date we could go on as teenagers, and I guess the practice just continued as we got older. But somehow it was never as romantic as the old movies made a movie date seem.

Lately, our date nights that involve a movie are usually spent on the couch catching an On-Demand flick. And I thought the movie theater lacked romance.

Why do we tend to view our movies at home? Because going to the movies has gotten expensive. With movie prices above $10 a ticket, not to mention the fact that a soda will set you back more than $3, it just starts to seem like the movie has to be phenomenal in order to justify the high prices.

But it isn’t just the soaring ticket and concessions prices that keep us out of the theater. Now that we have a kid, we have to pay a babysitter. Figure in the cost of babysitting at a relatively cheap $10 per hour for three hours, and that movie better be award-winning and include a free glass of champagne.

Needless to say, all the romance of movie-going is completely out the window. But while perusing the Patch event calendar this week, something caught my eye. Two nights during the week, the  hosts movie nights that sound like fun.

Every Tuesday at Old Town Theatre is . The staff goes out of its way to find truly terrible B and C movies. The cost is $5 per ticket and beers are $2 off.  If you’re more of an old movie fanatic, Wednesday is .

The Old Town Theatre was built in 1914 and has been recently renovated. If anything can bring the romance back to a movie date, it’s a vintage theater, right?

Another enticing feature of Old Town Theatre is that they serve beer and wine along with more substantial food like sandwiches, salads, desserts and some retro offerings.

So between the lower ticket price and some fun movie nights, Old Town Theatre might be the spot to go to revive the movie date night tradition. If you want to make a night of it, the theater is in close proximity to many of Old Town’s best restaurants.

Go out for a great meal, stroll through Old Town, and head to a classic theater—it might be the most romantic movie date you have had in years.


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