Introducing: Del Ray Photo Blogger Meghan Stewart

Cherry Blossoms by Meghan Stewart, Shot In the Dark Photography.
Cherry Blossoms by Meghan Stewart, Shot In the Dark Photography.
The photos with this story are by Meghan Stewart of Shot In The Dark Photography in Del Ray.

In the coming days, weeks and months, Stewart's photographs and thoughts can be found on Patch, and we figured there was no better way to introduce her photos than with ... her photos.

Stewart tells Patch that when she started shooting film in the 1990s, she was inspired by urban landscapes and portraits of people she  met abroad. She eventually took her documentary style into her wedding photography and portraiture.

“I have always enjoyed documenting and for me, photography is how I track time," she says. " ll my photos have a story, their subjects a life that I capture in a frame.”

She grew up in Detroit and currently resides in Del Ray where she lives with her husband and their daughter.

Meghan started Shot In The Dark Photography in 2012. She is know for her work with Cheesetique and specializes in portrait, event, wedding, and website photography. Meghan has been published in Food & Wine, Northern Virginia Magazine and Travel + Leisure.

Her work is currently on display at A Show of Hands and St. Elmo’s. 

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