Pitch in! Garlic Mustard Pull Coming May 3, 4

Spring for Alexandria coincides with the 5th Annual Statewide Invasive Plant Removal Day.

Had it to here with weeds? Alexandria is combing this year’s 5th Annual Statewide Invasive Plant Removal Day and Spring For Alexandria, a volunteer initiative, to increase the number of volunteers to remove invasive plants, especially garlic mustard, from city parks.

The largest round of plant removal will coincide with Spring for Alexandria on Friday, May 3. A follow-up work day will take place May 4 at Dora Kelley Nature Park and possibly Chinquapin and Forest parks.

Rod Simmons, a natural resource specialist with the city, said garlic mustard is easy to pull and makes for a volunteer opportunity accessible to all.

“We’re helping to preserve our city of Alexandria parks in a natural state for the future by removing a plant that’s easy to remove, that is a major weed, that if it’s allowed to spread will just take over, outcompeting the native flora and suppressing it,” Simmons told Patch. “And we’ll lose plant and wildlife species and biodiversity in the city. You can get a lot of bang for your buck with this plant, and its something kids, people of all age can do.”

No tools are needed, and city staff will provide gloves, bags and water.

The work locations are:

  • Chinquapin and Forest parks at 3210 King St., up to 30 volunteers
  • Dora Kelley Nature Park at 5900 Sanger Ave.
  • Holmes Run Scenic Easement at 5515 N. Morgan St., up to 20 volunteers
  • Timber Branch Parkway, 10 volunteers

To reach the Timber Branch Parkway location, from Braddock Road, go east past Episcopal High School and past the intersection with King Street and North Quaker Lane and continue east to Timber Branch Parkway on right. Turn right onto the parkway and continue along park about halfway down its length to bridge. Park and meet at bridge.

For more information, email Simmons at Rod.Simmons@alexandriava.gov or call the Jerome “Buddie” Ford Nature Center at 703-746-5559.


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