Fibre Space Offering Free Knitting For Workers Impacted by Government Shutdown

If you can't work, at least you can learn to knit.

Fibre Space is located at 1219 King St.
Fibre Space is located at 1219 King St.

With a shutdown of the federal government looming, Fibre Space in Old Town is offering free knitting lessons for federal workers from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. any workday the government is closed.

The introduction classes normally run $75, but those costs are waived for those impacted by a shutdown. Basic materials run as little as $5 for needles and $10 for yarn if interested attendees need them.

Those interested in participating should bring a government ID or contractor ID with them to the shop.

The federal government is preparing for a likely shutdown of non-essential services if lawmakers don’t meet a midnight Monday deadline. Up to 800,000 federal employees will likely be impacted.

There is no sign of consensus on avoiding a shutdown, according to USA Today.

A shutdown could cost the region millions in lost revenue—upwards of $200 million a day, according to an economist at George Mason University, the Washington Post reports.

Fibre Space is located at 1219 King St.


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