Rye Whiskey for Sale at Historic Mount Vernon

Historic Mount Vernon began selling its limited edition rye whiskey this week.

Historic Mount Vernon began selling its limited edition George Washington Rye Whiskey on Wednesday morning.

Mount Vernon will sell both the aged and un-aged varieties of whiskey, which was made at George Washington's reconstructed distillery. Five hundred bottles of each whiskey will be available for sale starting this week. The un-aged George Washington Rye Whiskey retailes for $95 and will be available for purchase Wednesday at 10 a.m. The aged George Washington Rye Whiskey will be sold for $185 and will be available for sale on Dec. 12 at 10 a.m. The whiskeys will be available at the Shops at Mount Vernon and a valid ID is required for purchase.

The un-aged George Washington's Rye Whiskey is the most authentic version of Washington’s whiskey available today, according to a statement issued by Mount Vernon. Washington was a detailed record keeper, and Mount Vernon’s staff were able to re-create the recipe and process of creating whiskey during Washington’s lifetime. Mount Vernon's distillers used the same grain recipe (60 percent rye, 35 percent corn, and 5 percent malted barley), mixed and fermented in 120-gallon oak barrels, and double distilled in copper pot stills.

The aged George Washington Rye Whiskey was also made at the reconstructed distillery according to the original recipe and has been aged on site for two years.

For more information about the rye whiskey, please visit www.mountvernon.org.


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