Election Turnout Steady Across Old Town, Del Ray

Alexandria voters cast their ballots for state and local races.

A line of voters at Mount Vernon Recreation Center in Del Ray, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013. (Photo credit: Drew Hansen).
A line of voters at Mount Vernon Recreation Center in Del Ray, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013. (Photo credit: Drew Hansen).

Election turnout was steady Tuesday morning and into the afternoon across the east side of Alexandria as voters cast their ballots for state and local races.

Polling station supervisors across the city said they were pleased to see a high turnout for a non-presidential election.

“It was very busy in the morning,” said Marilyn Doherty, poll supervisor at the Fire Department Headquarters. “There seems to be a lot more interest than most non-presidential elections. We like seeing that.”

Turnout was at about 25 percent at higher in the early afternoon with hopes for an influx of voters before polls close at 7 p.m.

“It’s been more steady and consistent than even the presidential election,” said Judy Gyllensvaan, poll supervisor at Durant Center. “For last year’s election, everyone came in the morning and then there was a lull. It’s been a steady stream of people all day.”

A high-profile governor’s race was the main draw to voters in Alexandria. Campaigns for Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe had volunteers outside most polling stations.

“McAuliffe is just an opportunist,” said George Lynch, a Cuccinelli volunteer outside Maury School on Russell Road. “He has nothing else to do because all his businesses failed. He hasn’t been honest by failing to show his tax returns. He’s just going to line up votes for Hilary Clinton for the presidential election.”

Lynch said he was supporting Cuccinelli because he believed the state attorney general had a “better feel” for the issues and concerns of citizens.

McAuliffe volunteer Harry Gerlach said he was supporting the former National Democratic Committee chairman because he believed the government should be more involved “in creating opportunities for people.”

“Cuccinelli is just opposing Obamacare, which I believe is helluva lot better than the health care situation of the last 50 years or so,” Gerlach said outside Maury School. “I’m also philosophically opposed to Cuccinelli’s stance on women’s issues and women’s health.”

Locally, some voters were surprised to find a candidate opposing Del. Rob Krupicka on the ballot. Independent Jeffrey Engle has run a low-profile, low-budget campaign and has failed to appear in any regional debates with the incumbent.

At the bottom of the ballot, Bryan Porter and Dana Lawhorne were running unopposed for Commonwealth’s Attorney and Alexandria Sheriff, respectively.

Porter picked up his father, former T.C. Williams principal John Porter, from his Rosemont home after lunch to help greet voters at the polls.

Unofficial results will be posted on the Virginia State Board of Elections website beginning at 7 p.m.

  • Stay with Patch throughout the evening for details and results. 


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