'Occupy' Supporters to Rally in Market Square on Tuesday

Marchers from Richmond plan to head to Old Town around noon before marching to Washington, D.C.

Supporters of the “Occupy” movement that’s recently taken root on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C., plan to rally in Old Town Alexandria’s Market Square.

Marchers left Richmond, Va., Wednesday from Monroe Park and plan to settle in Market Square at noon on Tuesday.

On Wednesday around 12:30 p.m., before the Richmond movement left for Alexandria, they set up a demonstration next door to the home of Mayor Dwight Jones, according to the Richmond Times Dispatch. They were invited by the mayor's next-door neighbor to camp there and no trouble calls were reported by police.

on the marchers as they move up from Richmond. Currently, there are only about four "Occupiers" on their way up to Alexandria.

The marchers plan to meet up with New Yorkers now walking their way toward D.C. and ultimately unite in a march in Washington.

They plan to stake out near the White House on Wednesday, Nov. 23 when Congress is scheduled to vote on extending tax cuts.

“We are really excited for them to get here,” D.C. Occupier Sam Jewler from McPherson Square told Old Town Alexandria Patch. “We can’t wait for more people and supporters putting in the sacrifice by marching long distances. I personally think that this will really help draw attention to the super committee, which I think seems likely to be making bad cuts for our country.”

The Occupy DC website characterizes the group as a "grassroots movement empowering the 99% to have a say in returning the country to a just political and economic system."

City officials plan to meet Thursday morning to discuss the possibility of a rally next week and an action plan, according to a city spokesman.

hmj November 18, 2011 at 07:01 PM
While some make valid points, most of these people of far left loons and morons in search of a mission. To make matters really ugly, they are being duped by union stooges and political pranksters. Only in America!
Chris Anderson November 22, 2011 at 01:34 PM
How much patch coverage should this handful receive? This walk from Richmond is a non-event, but has had a half dozen articles written about it. It's four guys, barely a "group". Now they have grown...to eight. I guess there is nothing else going on in the community. The press, in general, was criticized by the OWS organizers for not providing enough "coverage" to their campouts and protests. I guess that criticism struck a chord. Meanwhile, OWS numbers in any location don't equal that of a PTA meeting. So why all the press for OWS ???? Their importance is grossly exaggerated, and they hardly speak for 99%. I keep waiting for the press to do a fair and critical assessment of this "movement", but so far, cheer leading and exploitation of the occasional isolated moment of over reaction by a police officer. Fascinatingly, the press has yet to point out that the thousands of police nationwide have collectively shown REMARKABLE professionalism and restraint on the whole. The press CHOOSES to focus on the one or two incidents of human failure by a police officer as if those were representative. OWS isn't much of a movement, but it frames a sad commentary on the deterioration of the unbiased, free press into a partisan, commercialized, provocation machine.


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