Big Family, Little House

As our family grows, we adjust.

This has been a big week for us. 

My 1-and-a-half-year-old made the move from her nursery to her 3-year-old sister’s room. We moved her so that she could get accustomed to the new digs before No. 3 arrives. 

While I was a little apprehensive, the transition has gone beautifully. My toddler has really taken to her new surroundings and her big sister is working through mixed feelings of enthusiasm and loss with the utmost grace. 

Early morning wake-ups continue, still managing to alert my husband and I in the next room while somehow not phasing our 3-year-old or our family dog, which has also taken up residence in the room.

It’s amazing how your house (and everything else) adjusts when you have kids.

Our finished basement-turned-entertainment-room is now also a playroom. Our former office is now the girls’ room. We have a kitchen drawer filled with plastic ware dedicated to the inevitable cup-stacking, plastic bowl hat-wearing and random toy stashing. It gets dumped and refilled numerous times a day. We have grownup furniture that doubles as toy bins. Our aquarium stand is a mini children’s library. We have a chalkboard on our kitchen wall—at shin level.

It all works, and yet, as the girls grow and we prepare for No. 3, we find ourselves analyzing every detail of our layout to find more space.

Luckily, Del Ray is stock full of playgrounds and dog parks. Our neighborhood is designed so that you get to know your neighbors. As  so eloquently reminded me, we are more than blessed to be a part of this incredible and rare community that is Del Ray and Alexandria.

Space will be an issue that never dies. This spring, as we welcome No. 3 into our little home, we will continue to adjust. Things will be imperfectly perfect, just as they should be.

For ideas on utilizing space, check out DIY Del Ray. For fun inspiration, explore Kidtropolis.

What creative things have you done to incorporate life with kids? Tell us in the comments.

Dana Damico February 04, 2012 at 01:41 PM
We're a big family in a small space too (four kids, a dog, three bedrooms, ONE BATH), so I relate. But I feel lucky for the house, our neighbors, the community, the fact that my husband can ride his bike to work. Here's something I didn't mention in the story you linked to - the woman whose dog I helped find lives in a two-bedroom, 1000-square-foot house with her husband and SIX kids. And she said they happily make it work. "If the kids need privacy, they can go outside," she said. I felt like she was my soul sister!
Joanna Serth February 04, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Congratulations, Jessica, on the expected arrival of a new baby! It really is amazing how our homes expand without really expanding. Right now, with our recent addition, our two boys (6 and 2) are sharing one queen-sized bed until we can figure out a bunk-bed solution. We tell them they're sleeping "Laura Ingalls style."


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