Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Ed Semonian

Alexandria resident and lawyer Barbara Beach calls Clerk of the Court Semonian her "go to" person at the courthouse for 30 years.

Ed Semonian, Clerk of the Court, has been my "go to" person at the Courthouse for 30 years so I am always surprised when someone seems unsure of what the Clerk of the Court election is all about.

To me, a Clerk of the Court is about having both an administrator and a resource to make sure that everything about the Circuit Court runs smoothly and assists the public as well as the courthouse professionals.

Ed Semonian does both and does it well. Ed has always had an open door policy to facilitate dealing with the Clerk's office. He personally assists both attorneys and the public in numerous ways. Over those 30 years I have had challenging issues over recorded deeds and statute interpretations on filing requirements. Ed has been extremely helpful in the navigation of the documents and in the history of our records. Thirty years ago when I began researching/filing cases or land records everything was done manually as there were only paper files. Under Ed, much has been transferred to computer and only funding has limited even more progress.

Ed Semonian's involvement in our community as the Clerk of the Court does not end when he exits the Courthouse doors. He has sworn in every City Council person for the past 32 years and attends many City activities. Ed has served on bank boards to better our business community. He not only cares for his wife Pat who is a former small business owner but he checks in on one of my elderly neighbors on a frequent basis to make sure she is cared for.

In sum, I ask that you support Ed Semonian for Clerk of the Court. He is an outstanding court administrator and resource; he is a participating member of our community; and he is a very good person.

Barbara P. Beach, Esq
Old Town Alexandria


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