Letter to the Editor: Rawlings on School and Community Involvement

Former District A School Board candidate Joyce D. Rawlings says community and school involvement must continue outside of the election season.

It is I, Joyce D. Rawlings. I am well and OK. Thank you family, friends and individuals who shared their time, enthusiasm, words of encouragement, hugs, smiles, thumbs up, financial support and belief in me.

We did not lose. Some of you would not have gone to the polls to vote, but because you knew me or of me, you participated in your local election. You made that effort and in the process you voted for president and we got our current President re-elected and he is returning to the White House (smile). Some voted for the Republican candidate but because school boards are non-partisan you were able to vote for me. Again, thank you.

Our involvement cannot decrease at this point; it must increase in the schools and in our communities.  We must not depend on others to be our voices. Instead, we must be our own voices for our children and families. We must hold those accountable that said they are champions for the disadvantaged, the under-represented, minorities, English Language Learners and special education populations. We must not only hear them but see them in those roles. They must show us in the policies and procedures they put in place.

We must hold those accountable who said we want better communication from Superintendant and ACPS. We must hold those accountable who said they would listen and respond to families, teachers, support staff and administrators who may disagree with some of the changes that have and are taking place without fear of losing their jobs.

If we use as our guide “is this in the best interest of all the children and families in our system?,” we can take positive, critical evaluations and use it to produce more positive outcomes. I am so appreciative of all those who reached out to me, invited me to your homes, shared your precious resources, invited me to your churches, invited and sponsored me at events and functions that allowed me to network with individuals that I may not have otherwise met; to enable me to continue in this effort to represent you on school board. 

I purposely didn’t designate a specific community or neighborhood in my bio that was in the media because my neighborhood and community support is all over the city and much outside of the city due to relocations of families and redevelopment. Unfortunately they could not vote for me in their new districts. I thank you for letting me know you wanted to vote for me but couldn’t.

Some of you were felons and couldn’t vote. I said “you know others who can vote, tell them to go out and vote.” You still have a role to play in the democratic process. I further urged you to see if you can get your voting rights restored.  Some of you were not aware in some cases you can have your rights restored.

We must improve our lives and the lives of our children. Leave this as your legacy. All of us has something we can do. Let us get it done beyond this election process. Stay in the loop of information and give it out to the people.


“The Old Lady” Ms. Joyce D. Rawlings

NoBS November 14, 2012 at 11:14 AM
Wonderful letter! I sincerely hope the new school board members do what they said they would...hold Sherman accountable and not be a rubber stamp to his shenanigans.
CV November 20, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Thank you Mrs. Rawlings for seeing the need to run for school board! It was not in vain and Im sure this is not the last we hear from you!


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