Letter to the Editor: School Board Endorsements for Districts A and B

A group of Alexandria citizens offer their endorsements in two school board districts based on the candidates' survey responses.

Dear Editor,

We are a group of citizens committed to a vibrant City of Alexandria, who believe strongly that excellent schools are vital to our community.

We have joined together to endorse the following candidates in the upcoming election for School Board elections to be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

  • District A (Alphabetically) — William E. “Bill” Campbell and Stephanie Amann Kapsis
  • District B (Alphabetically) — Kelly Carmichael Booz and Justin Keating

No endorsements were made in District C because there is not a competitive election in that district.

These endorsed represent a slate of individuals who, in their answers to a detailed survey, demonstrated both a broad understanding of our school’s operations and a strong knowledge of the issues. They articulated a strong commitment to improving educational outcomes for Alexandria’s students, better communications with stakeholders and for fiscal accountability and responsibility.

The surveyed responses from all candidates were thoughtful, articulate and comprehensive. We are truly grateful for all their efforts and lucky to live in a community with such extraordinary individuals willing to serve our community. Collectively, we endorse these candidates because they have the knowledge, ability and passion to run our City’s schools and make decisions on complex issues.

These candidates received the support of 75 percent or more of our group, which was the threshold for collective endorsement. Additionally, our collective endorsement of these candidates in no way precludes any member of this group from endorsing other individuals as candidates and in fact many members of our group are active supporters of candidates not endorsed here.

We encourage all of our fellow Alexandrians to become informed of the issues facing our schools and vote in the election for School Board members. Toward that end and with the candidates’ permission, we are posting their answers to our detailed questionnaire at www.alexandriaschoolboardvote.blogspot.com and encourage people to consider these answers before they vote.

David Baker
Gina Baum
Marcia Call
Kerry Donley
J. Glenn Hopkins
Julie Jakopic
Rob Krupicka
John Leary
Laurie MacNamara
Kevin Posey
Doug Redman
Lisa Redman
Lonnie Rich
Dan Solomon
Jen Walker
Ed Walters

David Baker November 02, 2012 at 06:24 PM
Hi Gail, Karen Graff and Chris Lewis are outstanding candidates who I wholeheartedly endorse as, I suspect, others in the group do as well. They are very highly regarded in their Districts, and the City as a whole, and will certainly prove to be outstanding choices when elected. The candidates supported by name in the article received support from 75% of our group, which was the agreed upon threshold for collective endorsement.
N.A. Alexander November 03, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Does District A really want a Jefferson-Houston PTA President satisfied with academic decline? The issue is not a new $45 million building. It is academic achievement! Start at 1:40 -- the discussion of Jefferson-Houston School is about an hour long.
Larry Donovan November 03, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Like Gail I do have an issue in District A's selection; namely that Bill Campbell had a terrible tax record when he last ran for school board. He owed the city property taxes, and at the same time he was going around telling people he'd restore fiscal sanity to the school board. Tax evaders do not set a good example for our kids or citizens. Glad that the group didn't support Karen Graf, but do agree with all of the other selections in all districts. Not a fan of Kelly Booz, mostly because she seems a bit too slick for the position of School Board and is superficial.
Meep Meep! November 05, 2012 at 08:08 PM
I'd vote for Karen Graf if I lived in District A and Michael Brookbank if I lived in District B. I live in District C and Pat Hennig is also running for School Board and is not an incumbent. Kelly Booz is "slick" in a way Chris Lewis is. His campaign is being run like it's a mayoral one (in fact, I think he has more signs in the West End than either mayoral candidate). Booz & Lewis are both part of the Alexandria Dems clique, and I believe they are running with their ultimate sights set higher, using a School Board position as a stepping stone.
NoBS November 05, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Booz and Lewis have better (not "slick") campaigns because both they hired a professional campaign manager. I don't think the other candidates did that. I like a candidate who takes things seriously. I'm tired of the school board being run by a bunch of unprofessional do nothings. Booz and Lewis have also each worked on a number of campaigns in one capacity or another, so what you call "slick" or "superficial" is what call well managed, well run campaigns, which tells me how they will do their jobs if elected.


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