Letter to the Editor: Voters, Why Have These Facts Been Kept From You?

Libertarian City Council candidate Robert Kraus discusses his three-step cure for what ails Alexandria.

Dear Alexandria Voter:

I know this may come as a shock because no one wants to speak about this—but I am sorry to tell you that since 2007, the City of Alexandria has added over $100 million in new spending plus an additional $100 million in new debt.

Out on the campaign trail, I keep being asked “why have these facts been kept from us?” The answer is simple, because our current mayor and many of the past and present city council members don’t care what you—the voter really want—and how much you pay in taxes.

Well, as a home owner and tax payer in Alexandria, I am sick and tired of footing the bill for a city addicted to spending. Are you?

Have you, like me, had enough of this type of fiscal irresponsibility and a city council and mayor that “rubber stamps” what city staff and developers want instead of listening to the voters wishes?

Are you appalled with a city council and mayor that created the BRAC fiasco costing the city millions of dollars in lost revenue and traffic nightmares that now will cost up to $100 million to fix and now want to create the same havoc on the waterfront?

Do you want to see a city that is fiscally healthy yet able to provide the essential services our residents really need?

If you answered “yes” to the questions then I urge you to vote for me, Robert Kraus, on Tuesday.

If you do, I will provide this three step cure for what ails Alexandria:

  • First, I promise to vote NO on any new project or program that doesn’t come with $2 in cuts or savings for each $1 in new spending.
  • Second, I will use my 24 years of fiscally responsible business, finance and accounting experience to audit Alexandria and restore the 2007 spending levels without cutting any essential services.
  • Third, I will rebate the savings to home owners, up to $1,400 each and every year!

Please go to my website right now to find out more and please support and vote for Robert Kraus for City Council on Tuesday.

Robert Kraus
Libertarian candidate for Alexandria City Council 

oldtowner November 05, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Good Lord, Mr. Kraus....are you nuts? Any citizen can look at the City's budget...it's always available on the website...They can also go to budget meetings and public hearings, or watch them on TV. The budget issues are always well-covered in the local media. No one is hiding facts from voters. And most Council members are very accessible and listen to citizen opinions about the budget. Will be interesting to see how you revert to 2007 spending levels without cutting any essential services. And by the way, do you know how many public school buildings we have in the City and how many have you visited? Please reply on this thread. Thanks.
Robert Kraus November 05, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Thank you for your comment. As I mentioned, I want to restore 2007 spending levels (which, if you recall, were considered “bloated” at the time) and return $1,400 each year in savings to homeowners by eliminating the low-hanging fruit of waste and pork, off-budget items, administrative overhead, and failed programs and projects. In particular by outsourcing, reforming benefits, restructuring pensions and cutting administrative expenses. Here is one example that is costing Alexandria millions a year: The city is leasing some very expensive property in Old Town and along Eisenhower Avenue. I would repurpose buildings already owned by the city — like Minnie Howard — and move offices out of leased space where possible. It is a multi-step process and I have more examples on my web page and posted throughout my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RobertKrausForCityCouncil If you are satisfied with the status quo and the decisions made over the last two terms, then I guess you know which “team players” to vote for including the BRAC 5. If you are like me and many of the fine people I have met over the last few months, and keep wondering why the mayor and city council appear to be making bad decisions, take money from developers (I have taken none), and vote against the voters wishes – like the Waterfront Project - then perhaps we could use a Robert Kraus on the City council to shake things up!


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