Charles Severance, 'Person of Interest' In Alexandria Shootings, Due In Court

Virginia authorities want him back in state for questioning.

File photo of Severance in court.
File photo of Severance in court.

Charles Severance, described as a “person of interest” in the slaying of Ruthanne Lodato and two other Alexandria residents, is due in court Wednesday in West Virginia as Virginia authorities continue attempts to have him extradited to the state.

Severance was arrested in March at the Ohio County Public Library in Wheeling, W. Va., on a warrant for a weapons offense in Loudoun County and is due in court Monday, March 17.

Alexandria Mayor William D. Euille has called him a “person of interest” in the slayings.

Severance, 53, an eccentric former Alexandria mayoral candidate, came to the attention of investigators through tips into the February slaying of Lodato, the 2003 killing of real estate agent Nancy Dunning and the November slaying of regional transportation planner Ronald Kirby.

Severance had been living in Loudoun County. 


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