Congressman Moran 'Cussed Out' Over Suggestion to Raise Congressional Pay

Office received 'thousands' of calls, many with expletives, he said, after he told Roll Call about a proposal to hike pay of members of Congress.

Congressman Jim Moran told the AP his office was swamped with angry calls after he suggested Congress should get a pay hike. Congressional office photo
Congressman Jim Moran told the AP his office was swamped with angry calls after he suggested Congress should get a pay hike. Congressional office photo
Congressman Jim Moran's office was swamped with angry phone calls after he encouraged members of Congress to give themselves a raise, saying $174,000 a year wasn't enough to maintain two homes for those who live outside the DC area.

Moran told the Associated Press that since he stood up for the pay hike, his office fielded thousands of calls, "almost all of them using obscene language."

"There's a legitimate fear that the House is going to be increasingly populated by two types of members," Moran told the AP. "One will be those who come for only a couple terms before multiplying their salary in the private sector as the result of their service. And the other (would be) those who are sufficiently wealthy for whom our salary is a rounding error of their net worth."

Moran announced in January that he's retiring from Congress. A resident of Alexandria, he has not announced what he'll be doing after he leaves Capitol Hill.

Ten Democrats and one Republican are vying for his seat.
anne April 15, 2014 at 08:55 AM
moran would only propose this knowing he's not running again. my suggestion is that he (and all members) take a budgeting course. try buying clothes only on sale. try a few thrift shops. rent out a room in your house. try the mark down rack in the grocery store make your children pay board--helps them feel part of the household community. batter still, term limits for the "poor things", most of whom couldn't hold a job anywhere else. no guarantee for those independently weatlhy not caring about the annual salary. as far as is known, no one turned it down. how does he think minimum wage or retirees feel? he won't have to worry--ck out his pension. he didn't contribute to social security. that would be a good patch story.
GAH April 15, 2014 at 09:50 AM
Thank God, he is not running again. I think he should move out of the country so he can no longer help to ruin the political system in this one.
Rick Young April 15, 2014 at 11:26 AM
They need TERM limits, NOW. That's the way to slow down the filthy rich from buying puppets for the next twenty plus years and fixing things for their benefit.
Mary April 15, 2014 at 12:00 PM
I am glad you received complaints in your office, Mr. Moran. Shame on you! AND shame on the idiot Virginians that kept you in office so long that you felt "elite" enough to propose an increase in salary for the wealthiest segment of the population -- our representatives in the House and our Senators! I am hopeful -- in the smallest of ways -- that this proposal will irk voters to REALLY contemplate the character of the people they put in office! Stuck-up elitists need not bother to run. Let's get some REAL PEOPLE in office who KNOW the cost of a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs!
Amy April 20, 2014 at 06:21 PM
Who says they have to maintain two full households in the first place? In the past (in fact, up until about halfway through the last century), most senators and representatives rented apartments or rooms in boarding houses in Washington and maintained their households in their home districts. Of course, another solution would be for them to telecommute. The technology has been available for years to allow them to do whatever they needed from their home offices and only have to actually come to Washington for a few weeks a year. Just think, if lobbyists had to spend all their time and money going from district to district to influence Congress, they might actually fade away. At least the amount of influence they have would be less "invisible" since it would be taking place under the constituents' noses instead of "far away in Washington."


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