Lovain Kicks Off Campaign in West End

Sheriff Dana Lawhorne touts Lovain's experience as a former member of City Council.

Tim Lovain jumpstarted his bid to return to the Alexandria City Council on Monday evening with a kickoff party at the new Cafe Pizzaiolo in Cameron Station.

Lovain, who serves as vice president and general counsel with Washington, D.C., law firm Denny Miller Associates, was elected to council in 2006 but lost a re-election bid in 2009. He said his wife Beth and their three daughters gave him permission to run again.

He feels his experience and areas of expertise align with many of the city’s largest needs.

The Democrat touted his work in transportation as a member of council and emphasized a need to approach the issue in smarter ways.

“We cannot look at transportation in isolation but connected with land use and planning,” Lovain said. “You look at the principles of smart growth and how D.C., Arlington and the state of Maryland are sold on it. It’s time for Alexandria to get with the program. … Transportation is the first decision you make because it is the most important.”

Lovain touted his familiarity with the city’s budget process and his work with several of the city’s nonprofits, including At Home in Alexandria! and Stop Child Abuse Now.

He also emphasized his familiarity with Alexandria public schools. All of his daughters have attended George Mason Elementary School in Beverley Hills and are on track to stay in the public school system.

“It’s so important to have someone on council with kids in the public schools,” Lovain said.

Dana Lawhorne said Lovain was a big help when he was first elected to run the city’s sheriff’s office.

“When I stepped in as sheriff, I was met with some stark realities,” Lawhorne said. “I realized I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to do without the help of city council.”

Lawhorne said when his office fell behind in offering competitive pay to its employees, Lovain stepped in to create a budget amendment to get things up to parity with other departments.

Lawhorne also said Lovain realized the value of using inmates in the community. The sheriff’s office oversees multiple crews of inmates that pick up trash all over town, something Lawhorne said saves the city about $250,000 a year.

“We need his experience,” Lawhorne said. “We’re losing Rob [Krupicka] and Kerry Donley [who are not running for re-election]. This is an opportunity we cannot afford to pass up. Tim wants the job for the right reasons.”

Lovain said he has picked up endorsements from Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille (who was on hand on Monday night), U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th), former mayor Patsy Ticer as well as nods from Donley and Krupicka.

The Democratic primary for council is scheduled for June 12, but a pending lawsuit over Virginia’s redistricting and the need for the U.S. Justice Department to approve the new districts might move the primary into August.


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