Waterfront Committee May Support Parts of CAAWP Plan

Group, which has generally supported city plan, to hold special work session this month to vote on whether to adopt stances laid out in alternative plan.

The Waterfront Committee, a group of citizens that meets regularly to address issues relating to the city’s riverside, is considering lending its approval to parts of a crafted by Citizens for an Alternative Alexandria Waterfront Plan.

CAAWP Co-founders Andrew Macdonald and Boyd Walker made a presentation to the committee at its regular morning meeting on Nov. 15. The committee agreed at that time to host a special work session to consider supporting elements of the CAAWP plan. The meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Nov. 29 in the afternoon.

The committee, which is also charged with making recommendations to City Council, has been supporting the city’s draft plan for waterfront redevelopment. However, Committee Chairman Nate Macek told Old Town Alexandria Patch that the group at the upcoming work session will consider whether to adopt certain “stances” of the CAAWP plan, some of which disagree strongly with the city's approach to redevelopment.

Macek, a transportation consultant, is also a member of the mayor-appointed Waterfront Plan Work Group, the forum seeking to garner consensus among various stakeholders in the waterfront redevelopment issue.

Gina Baum November 21, 2011 at 12:01 PM
My understanding is the meeting on the 29th is so the opposition can present their plan. Not sure how a presentation is now being misconstrued as a plan adoption.
doug redman November 21, 2011 at 03:40 PM
I don't have a problem supporting "part" of the plan as long as it's not approved in it's entierty. This is all about compromise and I hope the CAAWP group can and will accept that although I do have my doubts that they will. It appears at times that they are a "all or nothing" group . I will continue to encourage our city council to proceed with most of the city's plan. I'm concerned that if the CAAWP plan is approved as submitted all of our already exorbiitant real estate taxes will go up. Some may consider leaving the city which could result in a glut of houses on the market which could affect everyone's property values.


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