Who Will Be Appointed to Council?

Rob Krupicka's victory Tuesday creates a hole on Alexandria City Council.

Delegate-elect Rob Krupicka is expected to call Virginia Speaker of the House Bill Howell on Wednesday to determine when he will be sworn in as representative to the 45th District.

That decision is ultimately the governor’s, and it will set off an interesting couple of months for Alexandria City Councilman Krupicka and the City of Alexandria.

“I am going to talk to as many people as I can [before heading to Richmond]. I’m going to do more listening than talking,” Krupicka said at . “It’s a small time to put together a legislative agenda.”

Krupicka has to resign from City Council and the State Board of Education before being sworn in to his new job, which must to take place within 30 days of Tuesday’s election results being certified.

When there's a council vacancy, the other six members must pass a resolution certifying there’s a vacancy, according to the city attorney's office. When the resolution is passed, it is transmitted to Lisa Kemler, chief judge of the . The judge would then appoint someone to fill the end of Krupicka’s term, which ends on Jan. 2, 2013.

Krupicka said Tuesday night after his victory he would like to serve on council through the end of September if possible.  

“I’d like to maximize the judge’s time,” Krupicka said, adding he has not heard of anyone expressing interest in the vacancy but would like to see someone “come to the plate with civic experience.”

The judge likely would look to former councilmembers or other experienced leaders who do not intend to run for office. There are no parameters for how the judge chooses this person.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille told Patch Tuesday night he believes former councilman David Speck has expressed interest in the position.

“It doesn’t surprise me that my name was brought up because I was on council,” Speck told Patch on Wednesday morning. “I was asked by one of the current members if I would be interested in the vacancy and I said I would consider it. It’s supposed to be a non-political appointment. It really should be the sole province of the judge.”

Former Councilman Lonnie Rich also was a name circulating among Alexandria's political community as a potential short-term Krupicka replacement.

Rich wrote in the comments section Wednesday on Patch: “David Speak (sic) will be a great replacement for Rob. Hope the Court will appoint him.”

When asked who he would like to see fill the vacancy, Alexandria Democratic Committee Chair Dak Hardwick offered only, “It’s up to the judge.” 

Old Town Alexandria Patch editor Sharon McLoone contributed to this report. 


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