Your Turn: Alexandria's Worst Intersections

In April, we asked Patch readers to tell us what Alexandria intersections and stretches of roads are most dangerous. Here are your responses.

We asked, and you answered—in droves.

Patch received about 200 comments and entries about which intersections and stretches of road are "the worst" in Alexandria. 

  • Click on the red dots on the map above to see what your neighbors had to say about those intersections and roads. (Using a mobile device? You can see the map here.)

In the Del Ray area, a number of residents said they were concerned about pedestrians and heavy vehicle traffic along East Monroe Avenue. The intersection of Commonwealth and Mount Vernon avenues is also tricky for some readers. One reader commented, "Cars speeding through yellow/red lights on Mt. Vernon or Commonwealth seem to be aiming for the cars coming off of Hume."

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In Old Town, some of residents complained about North Patrick Street coming north into the city from Fairfax County, where cars turning left into the neighborhoods can back-up traffic on the main artery.

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Residents from all parts of town had complaints about the jumbled intersection of King Street, West Braddock Road and North Quaker Lane. One reader noted that cars that want to make a left-hand turn onto West Braddock Road create overflow into the Quaker Lane intersection, frequently blocking it.

In the West End, a number of residents expressed concerns about the intersection of Jordan and Duke streets near the Foxchase Shopping Center. One Patch reader wrote in a comment, "I see a couple of issues with the Jordan / Duke St. intersection. The first is that you have an uncontrolled crosswalk (no Walk / Don't Walk electronic sign) at the intersection on Jordan with the shopping center. At the same time you have traffic heading Southbound that is controlled. When the Southbound traffic gets a green light here, they are not looking for pedestrians and even if they are, they may be hidden by the bus or truck in the next lane. This light is already too short ...."

The intersection of Seminary and Beauregard roads near the Mark Center was also concerning to West End residents. One reader commented, "Drivers wanting to drive along Seminary Rd. into Fairfax county must merge to the right to avoid the left turn lane while dodging the cars merging from the right. It just doesn't make sense that if you want to go straight you must change lanes."

What do you think of the intersections your neighbors listed? Tell us in the comments below. 

Sandy May 02, 2013 at 01:56 PM
Larry, this might be a nice source of revenue for the city, which is always looking for new revenue. Beats higher property taxes. Pedestrians in Old Town are at high risk at almost any intersection, so there is lots of opportunity here.
Brooke May 02, 2013 at 02:16 PM
I agree with the comments Doug provided about Helen and Leadbeater Streets in Del Ray. Many cars do not stop at the stop sign and there have been accidents (and may close calls) in this intersection since it is not a four way stop. One accident actually hit our white picket fence last year. It amazes me that nothing is done to create better safety for our community. It should be pretty easy and cheap to put up a few additional stop signs in this intersection and pave some white lines to show they need to stop in this intersection.
Taryn Salinas May 02, 2013 at 03:19 PM
I think this is technically in Arlington, but the exit ramp for Quaker Lane from 395 S is very dangerous. I feel like I take my life into my hands merging into the flow of traffic at that stop sign. It doesn't help that my car has a blind spot in the precise place I need to be looking over my right shoulder in order to merge.
DelRayRez May 02, 2013 at 06:43 PM
I think this survey was looking for inherently dangerous intersections/stretches of road. Instead, it turned into a series of complaints about inattentive drivers or those who just ignore common safety measures.
Kim Moore May 03, 2013 at 12:54 AM
Since all of the 200+ comments were posted, has APD changed any of its patrolling? Just this past week, I was behind two drivers who regarded the No Turn on Red onto Braddock from Mt. Vernon as optional for them.


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